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KERSUS, creator of value, is your organization’s strategic partner for social performance and responsible governance.

KERSUS is a business law firm, specialized in all aspects relating to employment law, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy implementation, Compliance and Lobbying.
KERSUS offers pragmatic, innovative and secure solutions in corporate management and in supporting reorganization projects. Our renowned experience in CSR represents added value for our clients in their socially responsible actions.
We provide our clients with quality expertise and experience in prevention and social risk management and secure  governance.

KERSUS works with a diverse client base made up of companies (small, medium and multinationals) in many business sectors, as well as public entities and professional organizations.

It is a Paris-based, independent firm with strong networks and effective partnerships serving clients in France and abroad.

KERSUS is consulted by boards of directors and general managers, HR departments, legal departments and general secretaries, directors of Sustainable Development and CSR , and Institutional Relations Boards.