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  • Our skills

    KERSUS is a law firm organized in four divisions of complementary skills to propose a complete advisory and services offer :
    - Labour law : counselling and litigation
    - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Compliance
    - Training
    - Lobbying

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    KERSUS, creator of value, is your organization’s strategic partner for social performance and responsible governance...

  • Our work philosophy

    Today, social performance and responsible governance play a central part in the strategic vision a business has of its future: these constitute levers of overall performance.
    The KERSUS approach articulates the logic of risk prevention, social innovation, strategic vision with legal leverage: this combination creates value, ensures secure solutions and enables the development of humanly and economically relevant organizations.

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    Value creation through innovation and prevention.

  • Our assets

    By choosing KERSUS, your organization follows a logic of prevention and innovation for performance by :
    - Securing its social transformation
    - Deploying its strategic and operational decisions in everyday social management and reorganization operations
    - Managing its social and litigation risks
    - Developing its socially responsible policies in CSR
    - Optimizing management and responsibility for its governance
    - Strengthening its actions via the legal and institutional monitoring of its sectors of activity

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    Availability, reactivity, innovation, pragmatism and operational solutions, combined with preventive approaches are the guarantee of quality and security for your organizations.